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Vivienne Westwood - Lady Dragon

We all love to surprise our feet with nice new pair of shoes, especially if u adore girly shoes then this could be your new bff. I just couldn't resist to write about them because they are just too cute. They come in fun variety of pastel and neutral colors and they are perfect choice for chic summer nights. You can combine them easily with jeans/skirts and they simply add romantic dose to your lovely outfit.

This shoe is a product of the greatest collaboration in fashion between Vivienne Westwood and Melissa, they managed to make a modern twist on a classic piece of Westwood footwear the Lady Dragon Shoe, and it was first presented in 2009. "The most amazing about this partnership was to be able to create modern products, with very high quality, for affordable prices", Vivianne Westwood said about the collection. Since then this shoe also become known as a weeding shoe. Is this going to be your new weeding shoe? ^^

Check few pretty examples of Lady Dragon Shoe

Ofcourse this eye-candy was also seen on celebrities

I am simply in love with few of examples of this Lady Dragon Shoe.
Hope you liked it, until next time your PW <3


  1. sjajne su :) sjajan blog :)

    follow back ;)

  2. Growing up Melissa was the coveted shoe to have in Brazil. I am really lusting over these...

    1. ah yea they are awesome :) hope you will have them one day <3

  3. Olá sou do Brasil, aqui em meu estado não encontramos fácil este modelo. Quanto custa essa Melissa aí? Beijoss Obrigada


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