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Blake Lively

Blake Lively, we all know her by a role in the Gossip Girl as the ever stylish Serena van der Woodsen. But recently Blake Lively has made her mark in the fashion world. After gracing the cover of Vogue at just 22, last year she was face of a Chanel Mademoiselle bag campaign and this year she's face of Gucci Premiere fragrance.

Blake Lively glimmers in a golden Gucci gown as she takes breathtaking views from a balcony at the historic Sheats Goldstein Residence, one of the most famous and luxurious locations in Beverly Hills. Check out the SPOT, which will be screened at the Venice Film Festival on September 1st.

Blake Lively fronts the campaign for the French house Chanel new range of Mademoiselle handbags 2011, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Karls muse has nothing but the most admiration for the designer :
"I have such a respect for fashion and such an appreciation for it that if there are people like Karl Lagerfeld out there designing, who am I? I want to bow down to them and be a representative for them if they'll have me".

And while speaking about Blake i could not miss a chance to post some of her best red carpet gowns and outfits.

A bit of Serene van der Woodsen

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