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Little Black Dress

You can never go wrong with a black dress. The little black dress is timeless and essential piece in every woman's closet. It always looks good and you can wear it every day if you want to. The little black dress comes in many styles and you can wear it in many different ways. Of course as everyone knows that I wanted to check out how celebs wear their LBD.

Like Audrey Hapburn, you can wear little black dress with a fabulous set of pearls. Sparkle it up with a vest, or make it professional with a blazer. Add a belt, it can be skinny or thick, neutral or colorful. Bangle it up or add a floral by just pining a flower to the side of your dress, you have the option of matching your flower and bangles with your heels. Wear a clutch, pick out a bright clutch or even sparkly clutch.

Check out some of PW favorite celebs wearing little black dress.

Wear it plain and simple, it looks just as good without any embellishment or accessories.
Untill next time your PW <3


  1. Love Megan Fox and Leighton :)

    1. I still can't make up my mind what dress i like most :D

  2. Loving it! Can't go wrong with an LBD!

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  4. yesss, a total must have!!
    I have one for Summer and another one long sleeve for Winter!


  5. you have a great blog <3 I love it.

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