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Christian Louboutin Equistera

Wearing Christian Louboutin boots accomplishes themselves to be adored woman. Newly released Christian Louboutin Equistera are eye-catching and definitely most beautiful boots i have ever seen. Of course, Christian Louboutin ankle boots Equistera that from the 2012 fall/winter collection has draw ten thousands people's attention, Equistera 160 mm ankle boots is one of these shoes that make woman all over the world crazy about. With chich style Equistera is the shoes that can draw women attention at the first sight. Defined by her thick platform Equistera is the daring cousin of our beloved "Daf Booty". It is the first debut of her in this season.

As a world-wide known luxury brand, Christian Louboutin never lack attention. People are crazy about its chic styles especially our well known celebrities.

Christina Milian
Brandy Norwood
Laura Govan
Lady Gaga
Brandy Norwood

Buckle yourself in and giddy on up "if you dare", our Equistera was not made for the meek. This sky-high style is magnetic, alluring and will propel you to new heights. You've never seen an ankle boot like her before. Don't settle for second-tier style, send your style soaring with this sky-high Christian Louboutin Equistera booty.

Make your dream come true and unwrap your Equistera booty 

Untill next time your PW <3


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