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"Cruel Summer" by Kanye West and Guiseppe Zanotti

Guiseppe Zanotti and Kanye West have done it again. This time the shoes look more wearable than their previous collaboration. Kanye's shoes are designed to celebrate the launch of G.O.O.D. Music compilation album "Cruel Summer". A pair of Cruel Summer heels cropped up in a display box and had all the shoe addicts lusting. Rapper Theophilous London posted a photo to his instagram account.

After taking a peak at the album cover, it is pretty clear where the inspiration comes from.

The ivory leaf details mimic the Grecian statue elements of the album art and give the record release the kind of high-fashion kick that is just so distinctly Kanye. The white leaved strapped high heels sandals look definitely more fashionable and stylish than his past creations.

There is no word on the pricing or availability of the shoe as of yet, hopefully they'll be more affordable than previous ones. But Kanye's muse Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself wearing the shoes on Instagram.

Similar to Kanye's Cruel Summer is black-golden version.

I love black-golden version much more

What do you think? Would you wear them?
Photo courtesy: random photos and guiseppe zanotti.

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