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Christina Aguilera's Closet

Christina Aguilera's passion for closet's is far from obvious since she has not one but two expensive closet's in her Beverly Hills home. Her shoe closet is truly unique and revamped in an authentic burlesque fashion way, completed with velvet curtains and a sparkling chandelier. Of course her closet, as such you need to have some order so does she, her vast collection of heels and shoes is being organized: "Everything on my shoe wall is grouped by designer Louboutin, McQueen, YSL - all in their own little family". Her other closet is created in separate zones for jeans, jackets, coats and jewelry and it is all a part of her "Ultra-Glam Room" featured with a leopard print rug and glassy chandeliers.

Christina is also a big fan of vignettes "They are a great way to display items that aren't used very often while at the same time freeing up closet space for other things" 

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