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Inside Kim Kardashian's Closet

Kim Kardashian is known for her style, so you can only imagine how her closet looks like, it must be a real wonderland. Kim has two separate closets, one for her shoes and bags and the other one for her clothes. She also says that her favorite designer is Lanvin and she is obsessed with collecting Louis Vuitton bags, among the highlights are flashy gold Louboutin shoes and even a pair of $90.000 sneakers, courtesy of Kanye West.

Her favorite Balmain jacket
Kim is devoted to her Jewelry box, "I love big and chunky pieces"
Last year Kim gave us a sneak peak into her closet via her instagram.

So if you ever wondered what Kim Kardashian's closet looks like, then here is your chance. Kim let "Eye on Glam" inside her closet and showed them the unbelievable wardrobe that every girl can wish for.

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  1. And what for all this..
    she still buys more and more every day. I can bet that half of that all she don't even wear once.
    Amazing how people spend money-maybe just throw it in fire-same thing!


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