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Inside Mariah Carey's Closet

It is definitely every girl's dream to have a huge walk-in closet, it sure is mine. Closet that literally left me speechless is Mariah's, it is actually not a typical walk-in closet since it looks more like her own boutique inside her home. The clothes are organized by color and type and displayed with an "open viewed arrangement" while her "shoe room" contains over 1,000 pairs of shoes. Check out her closet and you will definitely be blown away.

If you wish to see her closet live then check out this video 

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  2. Wow Mariah's home is very beautiful and I'm a huge fan. But I can't help thinking that it's a bit much considering how many people are going without even the basics that should be afforded every human being.

  3. Love this! Your closet looks quite similar to mine. It's so hard to keep everything organized, especially with accessories! I think storing all of my jewelry has been my biggest challenge. I think your closet looks great!

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  4. Why would anyone need so many clothes? She claims she has over 1000 shoes and most of them are in storage...why buy so many in the first place if you're not even gonna wear them? The world of famous people is tragically superficial. Just imagine how many poor people would be able to eat if you sold all that unnecessary stuff.


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