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Inside Paris Hilton Closet's

The Many Closets of Paris Hilton or hard to believe closets of socialite Paris Hilton, is something you must see. She have closets entirely devoted to shoes, to sunglasses, to jewelry and another one to clothes. In 2009. MySpace Fashion first ventures into her closet and provided us a rare glimpse inside the heiress' world of closets. But in 2013. Paris Hilton gave the celeb news show !E a tour of her designer-filled closets, revealing some interesting bits about her style habits.

She is obsessed with shoes, therefore she have her own shoe line. 

These are the shoes that she wore at a party in Playboy mansion.

Her favorite accessorise are definitely sunglasses, and she have her own line

She's obsessed with gloves and Madonna, because in 80's Madonna used to wear gloves a lot.

Paris calls this her "real" closet, full of clothes and purses. Her style changes all the time and she never pick only one look. Every year she grow differently in the way she dresses. Also she is big fan of couture, so her favorite designers are Ungaro, Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.

This is Paris Hilton "fun" jewelry closet, she also points out her line of personally designed jewelry.

Here is the video of her closet's live 

Paris Hilton released her 15th fragrance last year called "Dazzle", this sensational bottle ( that Paris designed herself with Crystals ) is classic Paris pink. The socialite and businesswoman who has created a hugely successful perfume empire worth upwards of $1,5 billion gave a glimpse into her luxurious closet.

Recently Paris Hilton gave the celeb news show !E a tour of her closets, so check out her newest version of closets. Her shoes closet is filled with nearly untouched footwear. She have over 200 pair of shoes. "I have a certain pair that I love and wear all the time", "The others are just high up on shelves and I don't see them". She counts Charlotte Olympia and Christian Louboutin as her favorite footwear, and she has only worn half.

Her main glamorous closet.

A Cavalli dress that she wore to the Cannes Film Festival.

This is part of her main closet, where she declares that she "loves sparkles" and faux fur coats: "Why hurt animals when you can get something that's synthetic and looks really beautiful?"

Among that many faux fur coats, her favorite is faux fur capelet.

And don't miss newest video of Paris closet's

Is maybe this your dream closet? 

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