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No Name Dress?

Just randomly while I was browsing  the Internet I found out this and later few other Amazing dresses from same collection and same designer... but the problem is that I couldn't find the designer's name. Dresses are just pure perfection elegant, classy and sexy at the same time. If anyone has any idea who is the designer of this miracle breathtaking dreesses do let me know, because i am dieing to find out. Or I am just being clueless which I hope I'm not :)

Keep Being Provocative.


  1. Wow I love these!!!

    Mars <3

  2. Hey Sweet Cheeks!! =) Your bff here! hahaha! Hope you're doing well...these dresses just so happen to be from Australia. The line is called Galanni Couture. =)

    1. Hey <3 You just made my day :D

      I was so curious who is the designer of those dresses and many people were asking me the same :)

      Thank you so much dear <3


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