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Inbal Dror, Wedding Couture

Inbal Dror wedding dresses are for quite some time my obsession, they are true work of art leaves everyone speechless and I could look at them all day long. The Israeli designer's truly did a masterpiece with these sexy, figure hugging, low back wedding dresses and with their insanely opulent campaign for 2012 they set heights as the most glamorous campaign that I've ever seen. These images were shot in Rome, on a place where art and beauty connect, with a heavenly background models look lavish and luxurious. So if you want to feel sexy and elegant on the most amazing day of your life, then this might just be the perfect wedding dress for you.

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  1. Beautiful pics! She's so lovely and she looks so gorgeous in that dress! Such a lovely figure!

  2. Admiring this collection a thought crossed my's a pity you cant wear a wedding dress more often than it's usually worn.

  3. P.S. But of course I would like to wear it just once in my life :).


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