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Christian Louboutin "Lady Peep Spikes and Ironito Shoes"

There is a good reason why every woman craves for a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes at some point in her life, tho I rather say every day of her life. The French designer never fails to surprise us with his incredibly designs and ideas, this time he came out with beautiful footwear that goes perfect together for a fashion starving couples. We are talking about the most expensive shoe for woman "The Lady Peep Spikes" and for man "Ironito".

The Lady Peep Spikes are absolutely eye-catching, the designer used golden python leather and with entirely covered sparkling gold spikes, he add final fabulous touch. They have 150 mm high heel and the brands signature red soles are also part of the design. These foxy heels can be yours for $1,995.

The "Ironito" shoes are made of subtle light beige leather adorned with metalic gold spikes in different shapes and sizes. 

Photo courtesy: raredelights
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