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Gisele Bundchen for Vogue Italia, June 2013

Gisele Bundchen showed us a proper comeback after giving birth to her second child, since this is her second Vogue editorial for June 2013 ( she also fronted Brazilian Vogue ). The funny thing is that the 32 year old supermodel fronted 122 various editorials so far which makes her number one again in that part as well. Since theme for the editorial is health&beauty it was obvious why Gisele was chosen since she is known on her insisting on healthy way of living and natural look. 

This editorial reveals that self-care is the ultimate luxury that you can afford for yourself. Self-care is also the way to live healthy and to feel comfortable in your own skin and what can be more luxurious then that? Styled in lavish cashmere by Louis Vuitton and adorned in opulent diamond pieces from Chopard and Chanel, Gisele provide us with the most elegant and classy poses worthy of a rich and wealthy woman. 

Amazing video

Not just because she is my number one supermodel of all times, but I am seriously loving each photo of her. She brings diva look in each shot with grace and femininity.

Take care of yourself..

Keep Being Provocative.

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