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Santorini, Pearl of Aegean Sea

One of my biggest obsessions of all time and this time I am not talking about fashion is hidden among Aegean Sea Islands. It is the bare Pearl of  Aegean Sea, it is Santorini. Once the Island with the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history and now the place that presents jetset gathering with the most luxurious hotels, villas and apartments. From the volcanic ruins this Island raises to the top of world travel destination lists and at the same time it became the main meeting place of famous&fabulous of jetset and high class society.

Not only because I am big fan and lover of a Greek history, culture and spontaneous Greek people but this Island breaths everything that is Greek. From the white and blue shades that are flooded all around the Island reminding us of the Greek flag to the delicious Greek cuisine and kind people, this Island has it all. In order to introduce some of you with this lavish and dreamy place I selected some of the most stunning photos that are inspiring Santorini. Once your foot step into this dream land you will feel magic rushing through your veins and you will gain an unforgettable experience, so what are you waiting for?

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  1. It's a magnificent island indeed... I've spent my holidays there in the last 3 years... gorgeous moments! :)


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