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Shelby Keeton For Marie Claire UK, July 2013

Marie Claire UK editorial for July 2013 is definitely one of those editorials that can't get unnoticed especially not by me. Hot looking Shelby Keeton looks more then provocative while showing her hot tanned body against a beautiful sea and yacht background. In this editorial you will find the way how to get your perfect beach look in a last moment, starting from your beach body look to the hot brilliant bronzers. I suggest all girls to follow these steps as they contain all that is needed to achieve healthy, beautiful look and everyday useful and needed habits.
  1. Polished Performance - use one of those tanning products!

  1. Stay Strong - because skiny is out, be sexy and healthy!

  1. The New Bronze Age - Use healthy products to help you protect your skin 
  1. Give Yourself a Lift - Practise, especially in the area that needs shaping
  1. Good with Figures - Get your beach body on with these next-generation beautifiers
  1. Time to get Defensive - Invest in a hardcore sun protection

Keep Being Provocative.

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