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Supported with a heavenly beautiful day my hunt for summer heels started. And unlike other times when I knew exactly what I wanted today was an exception because everything was taunting my attention. From the sparkly and attention drawing windows full of latest summer trends, I barely managed to keep my mind and thoughts clean, and how could I?

After some time I found myself trying dresses, blouses and skirts. So after few hours spend into nowhere, I decided to take a break because pointless clothes testing made me even more confused and I started questioning my intention to buy heels at all and to maybe go for something else. Sometimes living in a big city can bring you troubles, it for sure makes problems for me since I have that bad habit - not to buy anything until I check every single store and that can be time draining. Thankfully for me after some years spent in this beautiful city I made a circle of shops and malls that I must visit before I decide to buy anything. I guess I sound too crazy but that's just me, that's also one of the reasons that only few people can follow me into my shopping frenzy.

Refreshed with a delicious ice-cream I started enjoying in the tasty strawberry savor, I was standing at a spot which looked over the magnificent city and made me fulfilled and content. That was exactly what I needed a moment of clarity, and who could imagine it... right in that moment I saw them... wedges, amazing and beautiful like the ones I dreamed about. And that reminded me of the quote "Hello Lover", sounds familiar? :)

Lucky me, my hunt for wedges ended with a happy ending. But for the next time I promise myself few things:
  1. Do NOT look for anything else but the clothes I planned to buy.
  2. Try clothes instead by just lookig at them, because when you actually put something on, only then you can judge it.
  3. Have enough time.
  4. Definitely add any kind of sweets, it affects your mood positively and those calories won't hurt that much, because ... remember you are also walking :)
  5. Have ENOUGH money, that can be tough one from time to time!
  6. Bring your positive mood because at the end of the day you might end up with the Shoes of your dreams!

This is how I imagine dream shopping to look like! :)

Keep Being Provocative.

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