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The day for ideas!

Ahhh lately I started having a lot of ideas and plans on my mind... I don't know if it is because of amazing hot sunny weather but even next to my daily obligations my thoughts are just wandering around thinking about things I could do, does it sounds familiar? So the time for a new chapter in my life has come!

That's why I decided to get things in order, and make a plan of how to achieve all my ideas, and to do so siting and doing nothing wont do me any good, that's why I need to start acting now! And trust me while working on the things you want to achieve and to become you will feel fulfilled and happy, because you know you are doing it for yourself. Since perfect life is all we seek for then there is no time to lose and time seems to be the most precious at least it is to me because I've been stuck with so many commitments. 

Stop dreaming and start working because provocative and marvelous life is ahead of you. And you know what a little bit of inspirational moments can always be spiced with a cute little sin called candies... ohhh No have I just committed a crime? Maybe I did but who cares as long as that sweet treat spice my day enough to get my ideas in order. Don't believe it.. then try it out yourself :)

Keep Being Provocative.

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