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What hides inside your provocative bag?

Ever wonder what hides in the bags of celebs, famous IT girls and in the beg of your bff? Questions like that pop in my head from time to time, but I guess we all hide our little secrets in it. Instead to guess what hides in the bag of other people, I made a list what would I love to be hidden in my bag...

  • Hermes Kelly or Birkin -  they are my number one bags, Birkin is especially amazing not just because of its fabulous look but because it is that big... you can put in almost everything in it, that's why it is one of the most wanted luxurious bags today and in it I would hide ...  
  • Blackberry or Vertu - needless to say why... well because they are simply the best and to take photos of yourself when ever you want it and where ever you want it
  • Bvlgari sunglasses - among so many beautiful sunglasses I chose Bvlgari because their design absolutely meets my image of a beautifully designed sunglasses
  • Chanel wallet - full of credit cards :)))
  • Louis Vuitton Notebook - being a provocative and busy girl with plenty of meetings need to take care of it, and there is only one, why?... to write it all down on a fancy LV Notebook
  • Chanel No.5 - Like Coco Chanel would say "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future", well darling you don't want to have no future, am I right? So indulge yourself with this timeless and most classy scent of all times, because there is no scent like Chanel No.5!
  • Keys of Bugatti - Yes, you heard it.. this provocative girl needs a provocative ride :)
  • Candies lol - This provocative girl can't skip a day without a sweet chocolate treat, that's why chocolate is a must have 
  • L'Oréal or YSL cosmetics - with the range of lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and more, for radiant and shiny beauty look
Now when you heard what would I hide in my dream bag, what would be your dream bag ingredients? 

Keep Being Provocative.

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