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Fancy Working Place

Environment where we spend time is absolutely important and it can leave an effect on your mood. Since most of us spend a lot of hours per week in a office weather at work or at home, it is necessary to make your working space comfy. Having your office clean and neat will definitely improve your work time and it can also make you happier. In order to get your satisfaction and productivity of your work you should change few things ( if needed ). And since our provocative ladies adore fashion then fashionable working space is what you should make at your own place. 

There are few things your should focus on first while designing your working place :
  1. Keep your desk clean, tidy and in order. Desk should be your priority so choose your desk wisely. I am definitely a sucker for a glass table, since I found them absolutely fancy and stylish but hey we all have different taste.
  2. It is healthy if you keep your desk near windows, that is what I prefer the most. Lots of light will not only make your working space fancy, but it also adds freshens.
  3. Add a object of a meaning for you, weather it is a photo of your bf, family or it can also be a beautiful flower or a cool vase or a cup for your pens... but keep it simple and not too overcrowded.
  4. Ornament your table with a fancy lamp, it is something I can't imagine working place without. There are plenty of amazing lamp's, just choose the one that suits your room design interior and voila you are almost getting there to the perfect working place.
  5. Now we are getting to the color part. Since I am a fan of white office space combined with an essay of nude, my working place would definitely look like a snow white royalty. You should choose the color that suits your taste.
  6. With a fancy rug you would definitely complete your working place with a lovely chic effect.
  7. Ohhh and not to forget ... Mirrors! As a sworn fashionista you always need to keep en eye on how you look like. That's why you can add mirrors on your walls or you can also add a lavish mirror to your table... now how luxurious is that.

Among these working place photos my favorite is definitely first photo, but others are also absolutely gorgeous. So think smart and spend a time in investing and decorating your working place, it actually doesn't take that much time but just a little bit of imagination and will. Be sure it will paid of because your mood will undoubtedly be on a highest level and working won't give you a headache.

Keep Being Provocative.

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