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Ray Ban Aviator Colored Sunglasses

Absolute spring, summer 2013 obsession are amazing Ray Ban Aviator Colored Sunglasses. This fancy mirrored lenses give off slightly different hues depending the angle the light catches it, for example the green becomes aqua-green. These sunglasses can be your perfect summer besty because they are simply spectacular. And what is best about them is that they can reduce glare while retaining contrast, perfect for driving, days on the ocean or they simply make other envy at your lovely sunnies.

These beauties are available in 3 vibrant mirror colors, each with matte gold frame: Blue Mirror, “Sunset” Mirror, and Agua Green Mirror. What is your favorite color?

Keep Being Provocative.


  1. Could you be any sexier..! Just awesome! Fabulous outfit and what a stylish pair of designer eyewear is that..

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