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The most Fashionable Movies and TV Shows!

It is not a secret that Fashion is integral part of our everyday life and who wear what is the first thing we are going to notice about celebrity, our friends or even in the movies or TV shows. Fashion is all around, it became important factor of ones image, that is the reason why celebrities have their stylists and actors have their own team of people who is dressing them. Fashion style and fashion forward trends marked some of the most famous movies and TV shows. Here is a little preview on the most fashionable movies and tv shows that left biggest impression on me.

1. Breakfast at Tiffany's : It all started with adorable Audrey Hepburn and her lust to look fashionable and glamorous at all times.

2. Sex and the City : There were the moments when I absolutely loved the way Carrie Bradshow outfit looked like, but at other times I disliked it. But still Sex and the City together with other character next to the Carrie carried the fashion trends of that time, and let's face it who can stay immune on such a great fashionable and love quotes that we had a chance to hear from our favorite characters. 

3. Devil Wears Prada : This is also one of the movies that is a must see for every fashionista out there. Anne Hathaway looks absolutely gorgeous in the movie. Her style is supported with the biggest fashion names and she definitely shines with the glamour in the movie.

4. Gossip Girl : Ohhh my dear this is definitely the highlight of fashion trends and fashion labels that one tv show can have. Our favorite Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen glow all the way with the biggest fashion trends. No matter who's fan you are, the truth is that both of our favorite two female characters marked the TV show with its unique and distinctive style that many girls out there envy even today. 

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  1. For TV shows I would include The City esp. since that's what catapulted Olivia Palmero to fashion stardom


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