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Zuhair Murad Resort 2014 Collection

It is absolutely impossible to sum up all my thoughts and express my feelings towards brilliant Zuhair Murad resort collection for 2014. Lebanese fashion designer left me speechless once again. This collection exceeds the limits of elegance and sophistication, with allure of a timeless elegance it is a feminine paradise. After seeing more then thirty of his spectacular designs I fell in love with simple lines that dominate through out all of his resort collection. 

Delicate blouses and dresses made out of the most luxurious materials with a note of tender feminine vibe make this collection a true heaven, and with options like this it is impossible to make a mistake. In the range of delicate white, light beige, royal blue, orange and black hues you will dominate no matter where you headed to. And as far I am sure this resort collection will find its place in various red carpet events, and beyond. I personally can't even make up my mind which of these extraordinary designs I like more since all of them are overwhelmed with a note of elegance and beauty that will highlight your feminine side even more.

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