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Dasha Kononovich

There are plenty girls today on the Internet who by the power of various social media like Facebook, intagram and twitter build their fame. And one of the girls who is definitely pioneer in the Internet fame together with her bff Olesya Malinskaya is Dasha Konovich. So who is Dasha Konovich? She is a Russian model, who used the power of social media into her advantage and from a Russian model she today became world wide famous face. She inspires plenty of girls around the world, first by her look, her style and with her lavish jetset life. Just like her bff, she as well lives a luxurious lifestyle hence you can see her in various luxury places, she also travels all the time in the most exotic destinations and she always indulges her followers with the most beautiful photos. Today she is an Internet celebrity and idol of many girls. For now I decided to introduce her to you with her amazing swimwear collection, but there is plenty more of her to come. And you will definitely notice how incredibly beautiful her swimwear collection is, if you wonder who is the designer of those amazing bikinis well you are not the only one :)

More about her at her official site :

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