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My dear provocative shopaholics the time is right to pump a bit of luxury shopping extravaganza into your veins directly from Monaco :) And what better there can be if not with shiny diamonds that melts any women's heart in a second, ( yes yes that is true ), breathtaking stones that shines miles away that will make you fall in love instantaneously, most prestigious designer's dresses imbued with gemstone and handbags that makes your mind dazzle.

I am telling you this is madness, and Olena Fashion TV makes it all possible, because now you are able to enjoy all those luxurious places at Olena Fashion TV. And my gossip source tells me there is much more from luxury fashion, glamour, glitz and luxury cars to come. And to make this video even more indulgent and fashionable it is followed with Little Black Dress" by Scomber, I say this is a big hit and something you simply have to see, until you treat yourself with Monaco shopping spree take a look at Olena Fashion TV.

Hold your breath and surrender to the captivating, unforgettable, daring and dazzling Monaco luxury stores from the most eminent designer names of today. I for sure couldn't hold my breath, I admit it I am just a typical girl in love with everything that shines, can you blame me? :)

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