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What Would You Rather Choose?

Let's just say, you are not in your best mood... you are going through some changes weather it's bf problems, work issues or any other problem that bothers you. What would be the best solution to forget about it at least for a while. Would you seek for a help with friends while drinking bubbly Moet or would a pair of new heels do the thing? And I don't mean any pair but Jimmy Choo, Guiseppe Zanotti, Valentino and Christian Dior.. Let me hear you fashionistas and all provocative ladies around :) What Would You Rather Choose?

Keep Being Provocative.


  1. MOET is very dry. I dont like, sorry. I like Spanish Cava Russian or Italian Chanpagne (Martini) . It is sweet. You understand me, yes?. I use Moet only for clean my Porsche.Sorry, this is my secret fetish

    1. hehe then thanks for shering your secret fetish with us :D


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