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Elie Saab Exhibition At George V Hotel in Paris, 2013

Hold your breath at this beautiful, outstanding and spectacular setting! "Elie Saab celebrates the debut of Paris Fashion Week 2013. with a spectacular exhibition at the Hotel George V. The Haute Couture evening gowns have been put on show like precious royal jewels, encircled with thousands of white and red roses". We haven't had a chance to see such a rare and highly opulent exhibition. The beauty of these extraordinary dresses is fulfilled with the romantic touch of sensual roses. The golden iconic design of Hotel George V additionally contributes to the perfection and luxury, this place was made to dazzle and outshine even the most precious diamond. And as soon as you see this setting you will find yourself in a modern fairy tale... and the only wish you would have is to posses Elie Saab beautiful dress with a prince on a white horse waiting for you to take you to his kingdom.... Ohhh maybe I went too far with it :) Maybe you prefer a prince in a white ( Lambo, RR, Bentley you choose) waiting for you to take you to his mansion... :) hehe Nevertheless this is a rarely seen perfection, so enjoy while it still lasts, since Elie Saab gowns will be presented there until October 6.

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