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Galia Lahav Spring Bridal Collection 2014

What is happening with me and with all these beautiful wedding dresses to who I can not say no? Is it just me, or is the beauty of these fairytale wedding gowns driving you crazy as well? This time Galia Lahev made an astonishing wedding collection for spring 2014. her angelic collection presents to you fantasy and magic world of a bride. This "The Empress Deck Bridal" Collection driven with lavish and fabulous lace and luxurious silk is what you can only wish to be adorned with. Let the magic of these incredibly beautiful, endlessly romantic and elegant gowns surround you in the moments when you are saying your final "yes" to the one that stole your heart.

Keep Being Provocative.


  1. I'm impressed. This gowns are breathtaking. I can imagine myself in one of them when big day come. I love this page! Are you going to reveal your identity in the future cause I think that behind this blog must be very provocative woman?

    1. Yea, these dresses are really impressive :) Thank you for your kind words sunce.
      And maybe one day I reveal myself, if you stay long enough you will find it out :D


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