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Giuseppe Zanotti Exclusive Preview Of "Nirvana"

Giuseppe Zanotti for Spring, Summer 2014 comes with pure seduction featured through "Nirvana", drawing it's inspiration from seductive female silhouette, he comes up with the epitome of luxury and femininity. I know I repeat myself all the time when it comes to Giuseppe Zanotti heels, but he honestly makes perfection after perfection, he is unstoppable with his extremely wealthy and lavish designs. And right now "Nirvana" become my favorite among Giuseppe Zanotti heels, with its python-print leather and aged gold ankle-strap jewel it presents opulent and impeccable style. Nirvana by far presents unparalleled luxury, with it's elegance it is a prime fortune of the ones that are soon going to be able to poses it from Giuseppe Zanotti stores. And, since I never give away from what I want... it is a just meter of a day when one of the Zanotti heels are going to come to the hands of my highness : )


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