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Herve Leger Spring Summer Collection, 2014


Before I even saw all of the Herve Leger Spring Summer Collection for 2014, presented in the NY Fashion Week I was kind of a disappointed as I expected to see more from them. But then at the end few dresses were incredibly beautiful they literally erased my discontent from what I saw at the beginning :) These beautiful dresses which put smile on my face are absolutely breathtaking, they come in black, blue and white color while being embellished in a similar tones of jewels which adds a power effect to the three beauties. I call them BEAUTIFUL as they absolutely are. Absolutely perfect, absolutely powerful and absolutely provocative! While still being under the impression of these gorgeous stunners it comes to my mind that I can't say much about the rest of the collection, mainly because I am not impressed with the rest of it, but as far as I am concern Herve Leger did it's job and they have one fashion lunatic in love with their collection. That's why you make your own opinion on the rest of the designs :)


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  1. There are many Spring styles of women's dresses on the market but there are Spring Herve Leger types that will truly sexify your look in this season.


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