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Jennifer Lopez For Cosmopolitan USA, October 2013

When I think of a power woman, the name that comes to my mind is hers - Jennifer Lopez. She is by far one of the most successful woman of today. Her voice, her face and her talent struck us all, and you can hardly not fall in love with her weather you are a women or a men. Her fashion style lifts her name high above perfection and thus makes her an fashion icon as well. Accomplished in every field, Jennifer still continues to amaze us, especially in her latest cover moment for Cosmopolitan USA, for October 2013. You can look at her over and over again, but you simply won't get enough of her beauty and of her amazingly beautiful look, and who else to blame for it then Michael Kors and his gorgeous dress in which Jennifer looks better then some of her younger colleagues who still have a lot to learn from her.

Keep Being Provocative.

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