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Honestly as a girl who is madly in love in fashion you can hardly wish for anything more then to design your own dresses and clothes. I wouldn't have anything against to do that one day myself, as I truly believe I would make millions with it hehe :) But for something like that you need to work a lot since nothing worth having comes easy and over the night. Work hard, dream big and results will come! Some of the women achieved exactly that and for some you probably heard already. These days it is even becoming popular to become a fashion designer among plenty of celeb singers, actresses and fashion models design their own lines or they design for some of the famous designers, labels and brands.

For some of the women living their dream life while designing their own lines you heard already... Victoria Bekham started her career as a singer and now she is successful fashion designer, Rachel Zoe started her career as celeb stylist and it is rather obvious that she would sooner or later design her own line and so she did, Paris Hilton and Ivanka Trump both heiresses and now successful businesswomen and fashion designers, Kate Upton and Irina Shayk both designed their sexy bikini line for Beach Bunny, and many many other. 

But the one that I wanted to dedicate this post about is Olesya Malinskaya. She turned from famous Russian model into world wide famous IT girl and now you can freely say that she is living a dream life since she became designer of the line that caries the name after her. Her fashion line is the one I like the most from all of the mention women above, I have to be honest :) She makes her fashion line with fatal doze of femininity in front of which men can't stay neutral, and I am sure when you dress you want to dress and have that "femme fatal" look :) All she needed is one fashion line to make all Russian beauties strive for her dresses and clothes. Together with her friend Dasha, they promoted her absolutely gorgeous, elegant and provocative designs like no other girl can do, and let's be honest who can promote your own designs better if not you yourself and your best friends :) And she didn't have any problems while doing so since plenty of Russian beauties wear her designs and they inspire even more girls to wear some of Olesya fabulous and highly luxurious dresses... Let's just say her dresses are very well familiar with red carpet events, should I really say more? Just check some of her dashing dresses and you will understand me :) 


Keep Being Provocative.

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