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Russian Beauty Yulia Adasheva

I am sure that many of you couldn't resist the beauty of Yulia Adasheva and her Ferrari, RR and Bugatti moments that I shared with you before. This unstoppable Russian beauty have plenty of breathtaking photos and today I decided to introduce her closely to you, since I got some exclusive photos thanks to my dear friend Viktoria Alekseeva :) Yulia is a Russian model already famous by numerous of times as she appeared in Russian MAXIM. Known for her collaboration with plenty of famous Russian labels and magazines she became Russian famous model and that secured her name to be listed among 100 most sexiest Russian girls in MAXIM for 2008. Beautiful, young, successful and already that famous it's a dream come true for plenty of girls but this provocative Russian beauty seems relentless especially with her gorgeous photos taken next to favorite boy-toys :) Her successful modeling career allowed her to travel around the world like a true jetset and we are able to follow her fabulous lifestyle thought her Instagram and other social media. In case you wonder she is born on 1991. and you can check her closely also on her site and enjoy her fabulous lifestyle. And to be honest, I couldn't decide among so many fabulous photos of her which one to take, but that's not the problem I will write more about her as I am sure you are thirsty to know what is this fabulous beauty doing. :)


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  1. Very pretty girl. But she does not drive luxury cars?. She must no have licensed?. I can give her my Tesla car to drive. And if she breaks, no problem. My factory can repair.
    The photos in dubai, looking at the world's most luxurious hotel, looks very good from outside. But the photographer did not have money to pay for a room and taking pictures from inside the 7-star hotel?.

    1. I don't know what she drives these are just her beautiful photos with luxury cars maybe you could ask her :)

    2. It seems that she's not only driving the cars, but she owns them :) Probably her boyfriend's gifts.. btw she is an incredibly beautiful model with a very good taste!


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