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Versace Spring, Summer Collection 2014

Versace! Donatella Versace! You are my favorite! To me her designs don't only represent clothes, but an ideology that inspires women. Confident, independent, woman aware of her potential that goes through life vigorously not afraid of challenges. Woman with that sort of attitude will glow and inspire even more with Versace unexcelled designs. Beautiful dresses left the biggest impression on me adorned with medusa chains they achieved an incredibly sexy and attractive look. The rest of the runway show was absolutely beautiful and exciting, you can hardly wish for more provocative and daring designs, but Donatella knows exactly how to spice her designs to be absolutely gorgeous and provocative but never tacky. So welcome to the club of classy and provocative woman with Donatella Versace latest Fashion Show presented in the Milan Fashion Week.

Keep Being Provocative.

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