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Beauty Or Intelligence?

No, no you don't have to choose - because both is important but ... But today girls rather take care more of their look then on how they behave. In the world where being pretty or at least let's just say having friendly features is a must have, girls give a lot more significance to their beauty look then on their attitude, on their lady like behaviour and manners. Being pretty definitely opens you plenty of doors, but where will that take you in life depends of your intelligence, attitude and how hard you strive to achieve your goals .... okay I admit luck plays it's part also but it is just 1%. I absolutely find this quote truly instructive, so you better take care of what are you saying and your attitude because being wise and taking chances is all you need to focus on... but you won't have those chances if you don't take care of your look, so you see both are important you just need to be smart enough to combine them and become lethal :)

Keep Being Provocative.

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