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Look Good... Always!

It would be superfluous from me to say how looking polished it is important to look like every day. But, you have to admit it, we all have those lazy days when you rather lie down in your bed all day long :) But then again, you have to work and progress in your career and maybe find your Mister Perfect. So looking good and by that I mean being all the time sleek and dressed up is your priority, because I truly believe you don't want to experience Carrie Bradshaw curse :)

Hehehe I have to admit this sentence from Carrie Bradshaw makes me laugh every time especially when I see her face : ))) Well well if you don't want to experience same then a little make-up and being nicely dressed up won't hurt you even tho you feel lazy and not in your best mood. Getting ready shouldn't take you more then 30 minutes that's why it is worth to set your alarm for it, and you won't have to fear how you look like when you bump on your Mister Big :)


Keep Being Provocative.

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