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Irina Shayk For Avon Brazil 2013

Take a look at Russian beauty Irina Shayk with her new set of photos for AVON Brazil 2013. Her beautiful eye-make-up is simply the best. Gorgeous smokey-eyes, lilac and olive green eyeshadow highlight the beauty of her amazing green eyes. And beautiful AVON lipstick tones please her lips and I am sure they will make each one of you pleased and satisfied as well. 

Keep Being Provocative.


  1. They've made the right choice for this campaign, for sure! But she's already naturally beautiful, why so much photoshop?! Avon is an "okay" brand in Brazil, not my favorite if I can say...specially the perfumes, they smell cheap :)
    Love your blog! Keep posting and being provocative!

    1. Yea, you are right too much photoshop for such a beauty :)
      Thanks for following our provocative world :D


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