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The World’s Most Expensive Necklace Worth $55 Million On Sale

Diamonds can easily become a highlight of any woman's attention, especially as big as this one is. This extravagant piece of jewelry known as L'Incomparable has an egg-sized yellow stone often called 'The Golden Giant' suspended from a rose gold setting with 90 white diamonds. It weighs a whopping 637 carats. That makes it the most expensive necklace in the world and now it is on sale at a jewelry show in Singapore. I wonder who will be the lucky lady in posses of this flawless beauty, so far there has been serious interest in it especially among people wealthy Asian people who find this opulent diamond necklace as a worth investment piece.

Jessica Nasr, a staff member of Dubai-based jewellery firm Mouawad, holds the 637-carat “L'incomparable” necklace. 

Jean Nasr, managing director of Mouawad Boutique who shows off the 637-carat necklace at a media event in Singapore claims that, “Serious interest has been expressed by a couple of potential buyers from Asia. People who will get something like this are looking at it from a different perspective because this is definitely an investment piece.”

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