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Body Language!

It is interesting just how much Body Language tells about us. Tells about our feelings, our worries, and what we think, You would be shocked what you are giving away about yourself just by Body Language! In case you want to learn more about it, and I suggest you do then take a look at this video. You might think this doesn't have to do anything about fashion well it doesn't, it's more related to our every day life about what we should be well informed! And lol have you knew that only 7% is verbal communication while 93% presents body language... I'm shocked!!! Learn to read body language because it is crucial to know what you are giving away or what other people give away about themselves, because it can be very useful in every day life. If you learn how to read one's body language it will be like you can read someones mind, isn't that amazing? :) ... Now when I watched this I'm gonna be all around persons body hehehe :D And to me body language is very crucial mainly because it is closely related with my second biggest love - politics... would you believe it? :) 

So take a look at this very instructive video 

Keep Being Provocative.

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