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Candice Swanepoel For i-D Magazine Winter Edition 2013

So far we had a chance to see Candice in plenty of interesting editorials, weather it's sexy, provocative, elegant, sophisticated role she was on top of her game all the time, but so far we didn't have a chance to see her in such a funny and entirely interesting issue. These images are for real priceless. She really made us all smile after we saw her in a role of sexy Minnie Mouse! And not just because she is my favorite Victoria's Secret angel but she is for real unique, so natural and so spontaneous, and these images for i-D Magazine Winter Edition deserves to be called priceless, because it is really rare to see a model in such a funny role! And I really hope that among my readers tehre aren't those who are afraid of mouses, because I for sure am not! :D

Mamm, MAMM, MAMMA I just saw a Minnie Mouse!

Keep Being Provocative.

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