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Chanel Lego Clutch


Do you remember Lego? I'm sure you do, since we all played with it... even tho I always tried to break it instead to play with it but oh well, a lot of things changed since then :) Because today with this new kind of a Lego toy I definitely wouldn't try to play or even break, hell no! I am not even sure it is something I would wear, but nevertheless I can't ignore the fact that it is for certain new "IT" bag of the season. This adorable and irresistibly cute Chanel Lego clutch first came out as part of Chanel’s Spring, Summer 2013 collection but it got it's fame at the peak of  Fall, Winter 2013 Chanel collection when plenty of celebs adorn their look with this charming beauty. What is interesting about these "IT" bags is that fact... that no matter how much they costs they instantly become "must have" and the price of £5,000 becomes just a formality! Since it comes in variety of eye-candy gorgeous colors this new "IT" bag can not pass the attention of "IT" girls, as these two always go side by side :) And let's be honest this absolutely cute bag can not pass anyones attention no matter if you like it or not. Hence it absolutely deserves to defend the name of the "IT" bag of the season! I say it's super cute, and you? 

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