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Diamonds Are Girls Best Friend!

Diamonds Are Girls Best Friend! Do you agree? I know I do :D Well okay, truth to be told next to diamonds girls crave for other things also...Everything Chanel, Hermes Birkin & Kelly, Chritian Louboutn & Manolo Blahnik, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and list of designers and cravings can go on. It's hard to make up your mind who is your best friend among these icons! But nothing shines more then diamonds, that's for sure! Diamonds appeal and attract, they are what you can truly call fabulous and they for certain make woman feel that way! Just look at Merlin Monroe here.. really, just how powerful she felt at that moment while being adorned with precious diamonds! Lust for diamonds is something that for certain keeps all women unite!

So Are Diamonds Girls Best Friend In Your Opinion?

Keep Being Provocative.

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