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Gossip Girl Season 1 Bloopers

With winter and Holiday season on it's way most of us are preparing or already prepared the list of TV shows and books you are going to watch or read. I personally love watching my favorite TV shows over and over again, and I can't lie Gossip Girl is on the top of my list :) But what I usually forget is to take a look at the bloopers, and trust me that's quite a failure because you are missing all those interesting moments from your favorite TV characters! And in case you are an impassioned Gossip Girl fan just as I am then you simply have to watch them to see all those insanely funny moments that will make you laugh so much :) Also, now when I am showing you Gossip Girl Season 1 Bloopers I couldn't miss a chance and not to share with you few Season 1 styles from Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen. And I have to say that it sadness me because right now we don't have as fashionable TV show as Gossip Girl was!

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