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"I Love Hard Labor, I Could Watch It All Day"

If I should describe careless life without any worries then this would be the perfect sentence for it! "I Love Hard Labor, I Could Watch It All Day"! But not many of us can afford a life like that to ourselves, even if you are the richest kid around sooner or later you will have to work. I can't imagine my life without costant work, I actually think I am becoming workaholic. And to be honest life without work is just boring... with work you can express yourself and achieve incredible things that will make you pride of yourself. But then again everything comes to how ambitious you are, if you strive to achieve big goals you will work your ass of for it. So yes I Love Hard Labor, and you know why? because at the end I know it will pay of, and it will insert much more joy in life and also because you will be able to afford yourself everything you ever desired. And I think there is no shame in conctant need for more, because as long as we dream and have wishes we are alive. So make your dreams comes true girls! 

Keep Being Provocative.

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