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Michael Kors Selma Bag All Around the World

I love how Michael Kors always comes with innovative ideas how to present his products with the most original and unique ways. And just recently his Selma bags were traveling all around the world, and while doing so we are also able to see the glimpse of some of the worlds biggest metropolis. So far we were able to see Michael Kors Selma Bag doing some sightseeing in Tokio, Moscow, London and Munich which leaves me in doubt.. do I envy more on the location the bags visited or on the bag itself!? Anyway, these are not the final destinations as I am sure we will see Michael Kors Selma Bags in plenty other trendsetter places.

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  1. I love the idea of photos of this bag being taken in different locations. It says to me that it's such a versatile and trendy bag. I definitely enjoyed this post.


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