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Selena Gomez and Paparazzi!!!

Honestly, just think of it... if you are a Hollywood star, or famous international singer or anything famous just how annoying it is to be followed all the time and chased by this nightmare that doesn't let you move on your own without their constant chase! Paparazzi definitelly makes a pain to some stars... If I am a star I would be so much borred from them mainly because they don't even let you even shop properly!! Isn't that tragic? :) Same happen to Selena Gomez, while she was in Milan for Milan Fashion Week. Beautiful Disney Star was seen in interesting t-shirt from Versace "Love from Donatella T-shirt" with H&M rugged boyfriend jeans and with the new Versace Palazzo bag straight from the spring summer 2014 runway show... Being famous definitely has it's perks and having newest Versace bag is just one of them, Donatela Versace couldn't get better promotion for her new fabulous bag, since adorable Selena did a great job with it..

And when I mentioned Paparazzi, you might as well hear Lady Gaga "Paparazzi" song :)

Keep Being Provocative.

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