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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is one of the most spectacular fashion events and to be honest it is one of my favorites. I can hardly compare it with anything else, because let's be honest you won't find a runway so radiant and full of positive energy like Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is. Each year models present new never seen before fabulous lingerie, breathtaking bra's and tremendous wings. But as they walk down the runway other then dreamy and sexy underwear I can't take my look from their hot bodies! Honestly! I just love seeing all models being in top form, they just make me even more determined to look even better. You should have the same approach since there is no place for envy, because with hard work you can achieve exactly the same... hot looking body!

As you probably know this coveted and spectacular event held it's place in the city of dreams and angels, New York! I believe that nothing can be as extravagant as the runway show that starts with a bra in the value of $10 million, it was the moment I couldn't wait to begin. When Candice Swanepoel walked down the 100 foot long glowing runway with her precious diamond Fantasy Bra, everyone gazed at her and truth to be told she was the star of the night :) But nevertheless the rest of the models were attractive and provocative like never before as they presented six different themes. British Invasion, Birds of Paradise, Shipwrecked, Pink Network, Parisian Nights and Snow Angels made the night interesting and compelling as 67 different outfits, 28 pairs of wings and 40 models walked down the runway.

I can hardly say anything else other then to leave you to enjoy and admire Victoria's Secret fantasy lingerie and fabulous models.

British Invasion

Birds of Paradise



Pink Network 

Parisian Nights

Snow Angels 


The End

Keep Being Provocative.

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  1. .I am impressed and dazzled by this remarkable work ... ...Photo and model more than splendor ... ....Lighting and make-up in beauty ... ....All the greetings and good wishes for you.


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