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Hassan Mazeh Couture Collection 2013

Such a rich and thousand years long Lebanon history and cultural identity is enriching each one of the precious Hassan Mazeh Couture Collection for 2013. Vivid and lavish Hassan Mazeh dresses describe a story for itself, his designs express opulence and inspire pure perfection. With distinctive trademark Prince of Madness is always coming with unique and brilliant designs that serve like a blessings to all girls wearing these incredibly powerful and breathtaking dresses. 

To indulge and make a statement his idea is, to make a woman look confident, elegant, feel beautiful with a slight doze of provocative vibe. If you wish to be desirable and admired his dresses are easiest way to achieve it, and therefor the astonishing impressions you will obtain .. so can there be any greater pleasure? That's why girls, get your hands on Hassan Mazeh Couture collection and experience the feeling of ancient and thousand years old Lebanon history imbued through his fabulous designs.

Keep Being Provocative.

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  1. This dresses are looking very very pretty. I am willing to buy one of these. The one is red is fabulous. I have tory burch handbag which will match this dress perfectly. Can you please tell me the price of this dress?


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