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Hassan Mazeh Couture Collection Fall, Winter 2014

Hassan Mazeh, designer who's innovative and lavish dresses attracted attention from high society through all the Gulf area and abroad. Famous Lebanese designer got his fame under the name of "Prince of Madness", and by taking just one look at his splendid dresses adorned with the opulence of distinctive and unique madness note, you are going to adore it. As a true jetseter in heart, Hassan Mazeh became favorite among socialites all over the world with a passion to indulge woman, her body and her attitude... those are just some of the attributes that made his name famous and his dresses lusted for. Hassan Mazeh Couture Collection for Fall, Winter 2014 is made with passion to make woman feel special and attractive with dramatic lines he achieved powerful and incredibly stunning collection. Since he launched his own label in 2011 "Hassan Mazeh Couture" his international fame got even higher note since his dresses gained incredible amount of praises and admiration from his fans. This is just a great introduction into a career who's success we are all going to witness and who's designs will soon be seen on red carpet, and fashion weeks all around the world because his exclusive and delicate designs deserve to be among the stars. And when that happens I will be the happiest person because I had a chance to write about this famous designer - Hassan Mazeh - who's dresses are going to achieve an even bigger astonishing fame!

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