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Magnificent Dubai Fountain


As someone who watched plenty about Dubai, saw many beautiful and breathtaking photos, haven't been there yet but is going to change soon... I found out that in Dubai they make dreams come true, after all Dubai was made with an idea to take your breath away. But when I came a cross this spectacular and magnificent Dubai fountain dance it literally blew me away, Ezel soundtrack is just WOOOOW!!! And thanks to Victoria Boas, I was able to find about this soundtrack from her Instagram. This was my first time seeing it and it instantly became my number 1! :D Also I would like to suggest to all of you my dear provocative ladies to follow Victoria for the most beautiful Instagram updates <3

And in case you are going to Dubai make sure to watch this seductive and exciting Dubai fountain dance that looks best at the night, it usually starts at 6pm and then it repeats every 20 minutes or so until 10pm, however time can sometimes be adjusted to accommodate for the prayer time - the call to prayer, in which case they either delay the show by few minutes or skip the slot. But you can always get the information about the play list from the board between Dubai Mall and Souk al Bahar bridge ( it just one more fantastic place for great shopping experience and delicious restaurant's flavors )... you can see it from the photo.

Oh look I even now turned into a provocative tourist guide now :)

Eh no that is not me! :D

And of course after I saw Ezel soundtrack I had to chase it down on Youtube so I can share it with you :)

                                                                                And from the bigger perspective 

Have you watched Ezel by the way? :D Famous Turkish Tv Show with this hottie! :D


This is not where my lovely post about Magnificent Dubai Fountain ends... I mean can I really skip all other soudtracks with an epic proportions, I don't think so :) So, here is where fantasy meets reality displayed through the waves of wild and untamed Dubai Fountain... awww so poetic <3 as it suits Magnificent Dubai!

The Dubai Fountain: Shik Shak Shok

Ohhh my! this one I especially adore because it made me do the belly dance on the chair while writing this hehe be right back... need to sign myself to belly dance classes :DDDD

 The Dubai Fountain: Mon Amour

The Dubai Fountain: Waves (Amvaj)

Each one of these soundtracks is absolutely amazing but if you go all to the end you will find an absolute fantastic thriller soundtrack :) *wink* Of course before that I suggest you to hear all other soundtracks because you won't regret it <3

 The Dubai Fountain: I Will Always Love You

The Dubai Fountain: Enta Omri

 The Dubai Fountain: Dhoom Thana

The Dubai Fountain: The Prayer

The Dubai Fountain: All Night Long

The Dubai Fountain: Sama Dubai

Dubai Fountain 2010 Thriller Michael Jackson

Keep Being Provocative.

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