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"Make A Wish"

Hello provocative cupcakes :) it's been quite lazy week for me, and I decided to do what I do the best ... and that is to waste my time in doing God knows what! After I wrote a post about magnificent Dubai fountain I think I listen to each one of those songs thousand times and now I'm into Arabic songs hehe for the first time in my life and I discover some really amazing songs, I have to admit that they have a specific and very nice and contagious rhythm :) 

After plenty of browsing this week I found out new designer sales and among them some fabulous sparkly dresses for New Years Eve. I'll share with you some of those gorgeous dresses later because right now I played a bit in Polyvore and I have to say that even after a year spent there I still feel like a newbie :D But I tried my best when I created this look! As I mention before Givenchy boots are an absolute "IT" boots of the season and that made me create this look. My idea was to make it simple because Givenchy boots are already giving a statement to your style, therefor not much thinking is required .. God Bless them :D Gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress is once again my favorite... and this beautiful pearl mini dress is irresistibly classy I honestly doubt anyone would be able to resist it :) Followed with Burberry Cotton-twill trench coat and Chanel Boy Bag I think I just made a perfection!!! If you think the same then feel free to hire me as your personal stylist : ))) Because You won't regret it! :D


If yes then my dears Make A Wish Upon A Falling Star...! Because it is actually true that when you make a wish upon a falling star your wishes actually come true! And this style will come directly into your hands! <3

Keep Being Provocative.

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  1. Hey do you have any idea from where i can buy cheap Coach purses online? I want to buy for my sisters and did not get anything yet. Please suggest if anyone knows.


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